Stickers, Labels

in Printing Services

If you’re running a big advertising campaign and want your message to be fun and accessible, you’ll need something that people will notice straight away.

Although small in size, stickers are perfect for getting the message out, while they can also work as free gifts for passers-by if, for example, they make a donation to your charity.

Fun yet functional, our range of stickers and labels are sure to grab the attention of your audience far and wide. If you’ve got a great design, your stickers/labels are sure to make an instant impression.

Our stickers come in full colour on gloss adhesive paper. They can be circular or rectangular, depending on you and your brand’s personal preferences.

We print all of our gloss stickers/labels on semi-permanent gloss adhesive paper, making them a breeze to peel off. They can be used as sale stickers, address labels or even as a vehicle for instructions for how to use an electrical appliance.

Among the sizes we print in are A4, A5, A6 and A7, while other rectangular dimensions are available if your design requires them.