Vinyl Wrap

in Sign Services

It is one of the best materials used for vehicle signwriting, as it allows to choose a variety of colours and design types, providing at the same time the flexibility necessary to perfectly shape any curves and tight spots on the car. The use of vinyl wrap is also very often recommended due to its high durability over the years.

    It is highly resistant to and protects the painting from, e.g.:
        harsh weather conditions,
        rocks and stones,
        UV rays,
        minor scratches, naturally occurring over the years of usage.

    As a result, at the same time you gain effective promotion of your brand and protect the original paintwork from damage, thus minimise the risk of rust formation.

    From the aesthetic point of view it can be used with even the most luxurious vehicles, as its quality and stylish elegance perfectly combines with every make, offering always superb finish.

    Additionally, it allows to achieve virtually any stylistic result and design even the most sophisticated and intricate lines and forms, highlighting the uniqueness and professionalism of your company.