Content Management Systems

in Web Services

On the whole we work with the following Content Management Systems:


WordPress is a popular open source Content Management System with a user friendly interface. Originally designed as a blogging platform, WordPress is an ideal solution for smaller sites that might need to be updated on a regular basis with blogs, articles, or news. Since WordPress is used by hundreds of thousands of developers around the world, who all contribute to its development, the possibilities with WordPress are endless.


TYPO3 is an open source, flexible, extendable Content Management System designed for enterprise websites and intranets. TYPO3 has an excellent interfacce that uses an intuitive menu of all site pages to make it easy for users to manage even a large website with hundreds of pages. Through an exhaustive number of extensions and plug-ins, virtually anything is possible in TYPO3 and since we use TYPO3 extensively in our design work and have an expert understanding of the results it can achieve.